• Auwal Muhammad Department of Educational Foundations, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria
  • Umar Mohammed Kani Department of Educational Foundations, Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare, Nigeria
Keywords: Quality Education, Philosophical View


The paper attempted to provide an assessment of the value of quality education in Nigeria’s education. It also attempted to philosophically analyze the concept of quality education. Under this, meaning of the concept of quality has been explored despite the fact that it has been perceived as an elusive and indescribable concept. The paper trashed out why as administrators of educational institutions, curriculum planners or policy makers quality is needed and why worries about it in our education system because you may be having aforementioned questions in your mind. The rationale behind analyzing the concept of quality education has also been justified. The paper went further to explore the issues and challenges that are militating against the provision of the quality education. Also, issues and challenges that brought about the need for quality education in Nigeria have been identified. Lastly, the paper found out that education is under-funded, quality teachers and quality educational facilities are inadequate. Therefore, the researcher recommends that 26% or above of National annual budgetary allocation should be allocated to education sector. Adequate professional and qualified teachers should be recruited and employed, adequate quality educational facilities should be provided as precisely stated in NPE to enhance its provision theoretically and practically.

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Muhammad, A., & Kani, U. (2017). APPRAISING THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION IN NIGERIA: A PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW. Sokoto Educational Review, 17(2), 9.