• Musa Usman Muhammad Department of Educational Foundations, Sokoto State University, Sokoto, Nigeria
Keywords: Adult Education, National Transformation


This is a discussion on Adult Education programmes and National Transformation in Nigeria. The study was necessitated by observing the various efforts made by the Nigerian government, local and international interventions from 1980s to date and the present literacy rate and the present level of development in Nigeria. Adult education connotes a desirable change that can improve the role of adult population in their community and national development. It is not the children, but the adults who hold in their hands the destiny of a society. The paper reviewed the various transformational plans implemented in Nigeria from 1980s to date. It also reviewed how the Chinese and American governments implemented and used adult education programmes to bring developmental changes in their countries. It concluded that, being  a means of acquiring general knowledge, skills, values, social and political changes by adults, the Nigerian government did not give adult education due priority and that was why most of the government programmes and plans failed in the past.. Some of the recommendations include: to adequately finance adult education programmes and give sustainable and effective priority to achieve the desired objectives.  

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Muhammad, M. (2015). ADULT EDUCATION AND NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION IN NIGERIA. Sokoto Educational Review, 16(1), 10.